Achieve the impact you want to make

Learn how to define your impact, intentionally and with ease

Small steps can result in big impact with intentional planning

Do you feel drawn to create change?

You've got new ideas and plenty of determination?

You're not alone.

Bloody good humans like you are making their voices heard everywhere.

People are tired of the corporate world.  They want to make a difference and create positive change.    

The trouble is that many people think the only way to create this kind of change is by registering a charity to access funding. 

What if I told you that's often the hardest path to take?

What if you could create more change, faster and with a longer-lasting impact than any charity could?

What if you had the freedom to operate, and the ability to earn the kind of income you want, while still creating the kind of change you dream of?

There are so many benefits to operating a positive-impact enterprise, but the biggest hurdle in the structure is the flexibility to earn an income.

Charities are wonderful, but the pot of funding available is limited.  Business is open-ended and limited only by your abilities.

Ask yourself "should I start a charity, or can I create this change via business?".

Learn how to create impact intentionally, and with ease with this short course from Leigh Development

Leigh Development is an impact-enterprise supporting people looking to have a sustainable, profitable organisation without sacrificing their own well-being.

With Sel's personal focus on small steps that lead to positive change, our micro-learning options help you improve your ability to achieve the impact you want to make, intentionally and with ease.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up

This tutorial provides access to my custom tool for defining impact, and the strategy to use it into bite sized pieces.

The tutorial is presented via short videos,introducing and walking you through how to use the tool with my own business as an example.

The videos are captioned, so you can view with or without sound, and there are text tutorials for those that prefer to learn by reading instead.

This is a brief introduction into how to create impact intentionally, via your organisation.

This may not have been something you originally set out to do but along the way you've felt pulled to define your purpose.

That happens. Frequently.

Good human beings are everywhere, clearly you're one of them, and I've found that the one thing they have in common is the desire to add purpose to their activities beyond bringing home their paycheck each week.

This is an introduction to show you how you can be intentional in aligning your impact to your business activities.

 And that is the key: it doesn't have to be grand gestures, but it does have to be intentional.

So ask yourself, if you could do anything, what would you change for the better in our world?

What would you like to be able to tell others when you say "I help to......"?

About Sel Leigh

A business strategist supporting bloody good humans to achieve the positive impact they long to make, Sel's impact journey started out in the charitable space but when that led to burnout she knew something had to change.

This has driven her passion to support other purpose-fuelled founders to find a more sustainable, nurturing path where ethical business success and long-lasting impact can sit hand in hand.

Sel draws on her varied background of experience to support the people that she works with.  From understanding government obligations and navigating the complexities of operating under different structures, to recovering from disaster, Sel's special sauce is being able to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to know what path to take next.

Sel also speaks passionately about decolonisation, diversity and inclusion and how we can do business in a socially conscious way without compromising our well-being in the process.

How To

Define your impact intentionally and with ease

$47.00 (excl GST)

Note from Sel

I found that the more people I worked with the more often I saw the same questions, so I developed resources to support their learning.  

Initially I developed this tool to help one client, and then I developed a specific training for other people asking about integrating positive impact into their business.

Eventually I realised I was using this tool as a starting point with every single person that wanted to learn more about creating positive impact.  So I've simplified the process, and now anyone can access it without having to make an appointment with me. 

I know this tool enables impact-driven people to understand the basics of how to integrate positive-impact into their venture - irrespective of whether they're going to create a business or pursue their original idea of starting a charity.   The difference is that in applying this learning they will know how to make that impact last longer.

Are you ready to achieve the impact you want to make?