Business continuity planning

Can you afford to lose your business overnight?

Very few people could, yet so many of us leave the future of our income to chance.

Don't risk your livelihood disappearing in a flash.

Business continuity planning is one of those things that most business owners overlook for many reasons.

If you're new to this business game this could be the first time you've heard of it, or it could be something that you think only belongs in the domain of "big business".

The thing is though, business continuity planning is something that should be done by every organisation: from small, sole operators, to international corporations, and even your local community group.

If you have insurance for your personal belongings, then you know that risk management is important.  The same concept applies to your business activities.

Taking the time to identify the things that could impact your ability to operate your business and earn an income is a priceless activity.  

Manage risks to your business by planning for continuity

Business continuity planning doesn't just belong in the world of big corporates.

With a focus on small steps to identify the risks to your business, my basic business continuity template is worth taking the time to complete

Here’s what you’ll get

Your free template will support you through the process of identifying and managing the likelihood and/or effects of risk to your business operation.

The template helps you to identify and prioritise the business key activities that could be adversely affected in any disruptive event.

It supports you to outline the immediate actions for responding to an incident so you can contain, control and minimise the impact to your business.

It guides you to outline the actions to be taken for recovery from an incident so your focus can be on minimising disruption and overall recovery time.

Manage the risk

Protect your business from the unexpected

Business continuity planning doesn't have to be complicated.  But it does need to be documented to be effective.

My basic template gives you enough information to support you to work through identifying the unknown risk points in your business, and in creating your business continuity plan.  

Take control of your future with a head start on securing your business against interruption from any kind of event. 

About Sel Leigh

A business strategist supporting bloody good humans to achieve the positive impact they long to make, Sel's impact journey started out in the charitable space but when that led to burnout she knew something had to change.

This has driven her passion to support other purpose-fuelled founders to find a more sustainable, nurturing path where ethical business success and long-lasting impact can sit hand in hand.

Sel draws on her varied background of experience to support the people that she works with.  From understanding government obligations and navigating the complexities of operating under different structures, to recovering from disaster, Sel's special sauce is being able to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to know what path to take next.

Sel also speaks passionately about decolonisation, diversity and inclusion and how we can do business in a socially conscious way without compromising our well-being in the process.

Ready to get started?

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Why business continuity planning?

I've worked with all kinds of organisations over the last two decades, and the majority of them don't have enough emphasis on securing their ability to recover from the unforeseen.

Natural disasters can strike anytime with severe consequences, but so can computer viruses or electrical fires.

The point is that you never know what is in store for you, but you can determine where the weakest points of your business are and take steps to protect those to the best of your ability.

If you or other people rely on your business to survive, then why wouldn't you protect that?