Unlock your full potential with Kite and Leigh Development:

The well-being app supporting you to feel empowered and in-control

Say goodbye to stress and overwhelm with bite-sized coaching for business skills, mindfulness, and motivation.

Small steps, big impact: Mindfulness, motivation, and business coaching for sustainable success

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with the demands of running a business? 

Do you struggle to retain and apply new ideas and suggestions?

You're not alone.

Overwhelm and stress can have a massive impact on our ability to run a successful business.  

When we feel overwhelmed, our minds become cluttered and our ability to focus and retain information is reduced significantly.  

Overwhelm can lead to a lack of both creativity, and problem-solving skills.  It impacts on our ability to make decisions, which results in missed opportunities.

The stress that results from being overwhelmed can lead to burnout, and that can also have negative effects on mental and physical health as a result of the loss of morale and motivation that inevitably follows.

The good news is that it is never too late to start managing stress and overwhelm, and it doesn't have to be hard or time consuming

There are so many benefits to introducing a focus on your well-being as part of your daily routine.  As well as improving your focus and creativity, you'll increase the opportunities for success and long-term sustainability of your business.

Well-being isn't just a corporate buzz word.  It's a state of being, and it's something we need to be intentional about implementing in our lives. 

Well-being is too important to overlook. And the good news is, it only needs to take minutes each day.

Improve your business and personal well-being with the Leigh Development Kite app

Kite with Leigh Development is an app that provides micro-coaching sessions for anyone looking to have a sustainable, profitable organisation without sacrificing their own well-being.

With its focus on small steps that lead to positive change, Kite is designed to help you improve your business and personal well-being, one day at a time.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up

More solopreneurs are experiencing burnout and stress than ever, but often find it difficult to find time to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing.

Kite breaks practical tools and strategies down into bite sized pieces. 5 minutes per day. 

Each day, you'll receive a new activity that takes only minutes to complete. As you complete each activity, you'll receive a new one the following day, helping you to build up a steady habit of self-improvement.

Kite is simple, effective, and removes the noise and overwhelm often associated with personal and business development.

Something for everyone

From personal well-being modules through to personal development and leadership- there is content relevant to everyone.

Expertise from global thought-leaders

Kite with Leigh Development provides you with access to our own coaching and well-being support tools, as well as content contributed by global experts.

Improve your productivity

Studies have shown that people who are mentally and physically healthy can be up to three times as productive in their daily activities.

Well-being on your terms

Work on yourself in your own time and in a place you feel calm. Think of Kite like a beautiful coffee table book in your back pocket.  The design of the app has been thoughtfully considered, without constant notifications, gamification or traditional app user experience.


Kite with Leigh Development is a journey that you control the pace of. You can only complete one Kite a day, but you choose whether you do it at all.  

Mindfulness activities are available on-demand, as often as you need.

There is a minimum of 6-months content within the Kite app, and content is added and updated throughout the year 

About Sel Leigh

A business strategist supporting bloody good humans to achieve the positive impact they long to make, Sel's impact journey started out in the charitable space but when that led to burnout she knew something had to change.

This has driven her passion to support other purpose-fuelled founders to find a more sustainable, nurturing path where ethical business success and long-lasting impact can sit hand in hand.

Sel draws on her varied background of experience to support the people that she works with.  From understanding government obligations and navigating the complexities of operating under different structures, to recovering from disaster, Sel's special sauce is being able to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to know what path to take next.

Sel also speaks passionately about decolonisation, diversity and inclusion and how we can do business in a socially conscious way without compromising our well-being in the process.

12 months

access to Kite by Leigh Development


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Kite modules

Kites range from 5 days as a minimum up to 20 days. It depends on the topic! Our aim is that each day takes no more than 5 mins to do, reflect or implement.  

How do I download Kite

Once you have signed-up to Kite with Leigh Development, you will need to download our blue Kite app on the stores (search The Kite Program on either app store).

We will send you an email with your log-in details and our user guide, as soon as your account has been created.

Why a kite?

A Kite is a wonderful analogy for wellbeing. When you have the skills you can fly your kite high. When you lack the skills or confidence your kite can come crashing down. Our programs give you the skills and confidence to soar. 

Can I use Kite on my tablet or laptop?

Kite is designed to be experienced on a smartphone and is not available for use on a laptop or tablet. 

What do I get with Kite? 

Kite with Leigh Development includes access to resources I use with all of my clients.  It also contains access to many of my coaching programs.  I wanted to make sure that I could support as many people as possible to achieve the impact they want to make. 

The one thing you don't get with Kite is my tailored support to your individual situation.


12 Months access

  • Simple and effective 
  • One module (Kite) each day
  • You control what order you choose to learn in
  • Save your favourites to refer back to later
  • Mindfulness activities at the touch of a button

Why Kite?

I found that the more people I worked with the more often I saw the same questions, so I developed resources to support their learning.   But I realised I was repeating the same kind of well-being suggestions - and often it was with the same people that had the most difficulty taking action on what they had learned.

When you're stressed about anything, it becomes that much harder to retain important information, and it's even harder to act upon it even when you know you need to.

A Kite is a wonderful analogy for well-being. When you have the skills you can fly your kite high. When you lack the skills or confidence your kite can come crashing down.

In partnering with the Kite Program, my goal is to enable impact-driven people to obtain the skills and confidence they need to soar.