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Sel has crafted a career out of supporting people like you to grow and succeed in business, with wide-ranging experience across public and private sectors educating people in businesses and not-for-profits.

We provide business advice, coaching and support to keep the day-to-day running smoothly, so YOU can keep focused on achieving your goals and creating sustainable impact.

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  • Business advice and guidance
  • Strategic coaching and planning
  • Risk mitigation
  • Diversity and Inclusion support
  • Research and reporting
  • Impact measurement
  • Not-For-Profit Support


How we can help you.


Whether you have an existing business or charity or are only at the concept stage, if you want to add purpose to your organisation then we can guide you to make sure you meet both your goals and your legal obligations.


We help you to define your big-picture vision and goals and support you to achieve these

Support Pathways

We’re connectors and navigators.  We’ll support you with the tools and resources you need.

Got an idea?

Not sure where to take this?
We can guide you through the steps to make your vision reality.

an extra pair of hands

Need a short-term staff member without the hassle? We’ve got you covered!

Meet Sel Leigh

Know better, do better

Business doesn’t have to be community service-oriented to make a difference in the world. Through the services they deliver, their employment practices, or through their other activities, all businesses have an impact on society.

The real question is, what kind of impact do you wish to make – and how can we help you achieve that?

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