Define your impact

Achieve the impact you want to make

Learn how to create positive impact with your business intentionally and with ease so everyone understands your purpose, so you can get more support to achieve it.

A successful and profitable organisation is going to have the ability to make far more positive impact than one that is financially struggling. Charities do wonderful things for our community, but access to funding is difficult to obtain and volunteers are becoming harder to sign up.

It is possible to deliver positive impact for the same purpose via business with less effort.  

This short course will teach you how to define your impact and how to protect your core purpose, simply and intentionally,  so you can achieve the impact you want to make.

You don't have to give up profit to create impact.

Knowing your purpose is just the beginning

Having a purpose for your business can be more than just the income you need to make, the ability to measure your impact may be the missing ingredient in establishing “what you want to do when you grow up”.

With a focus on small steps to identify the impact you want to make through to the process of protecting your purpose; I can teach you how to integrate the power of positive impact into your everyday business activities, including showing others why this makes your business worth their support.

Here’s what you’ll get

Learn how to clearly articulate the impact you want to make: What, Why, and Who.

Understanding of the importance of strategy vs action within this process, for long-lasting impact.

You'll get the worksheet that I use with my clients, proven to be effective in simplifying the process of cementing long-lasting impact within your business activities.

Using video and text tutorials, I'll teach you the Why, behind each step and how to apply it simply to your business activities so you can achieve the impact you want to make, without sacrificing your own income earning ability.

Achieve Impact

Create positive impact while earning income

Charitable work can be fulfilling, but it is also hard work.  You can create the same kind of impact from a profitable business.

While it is admirable to want to donate funds or time, you should focus on building your business income as a priority.  

That is the number one way to make more resources available to maximise your impact.  


Every week I speak with people that have been told the way to create impact is by registering a charity, so they can access the funds they need to make their change.

Unfortunately that's one of the hardest ways to go about it.  Their are thousands of charities, community groups and other non-profit organisations in Aotearoa, and far fewer funders waiting with pots full of money to support these organisations.

Registering a charity can be expensive and time consuming, with ongoing legal obligations (that also cost).  Seeking funding from philanthropic organisations can be a full time job in itself.  

Choosing to run a business to create impact, enables you the financial freedom to fulfill your purpose on your terms, without relying on volunteers or funding rounds to open.

What if I already have a charity?

You still need to think outside of the square in order to stand out and be noticed.

Demand for funding support is at a premium.  Your charity needs to be able to show what you're doing differently and how, and why your impact deserves priority over another organisations project plan. 

This course will support you to do exactly that.

By taking the time to complete this process, you will be able to create a strategic blueprint that you can then apply in perpetuity to any plan you choose to put into action. 

With my downloadable template, and accompanying text and video tutorial, you will learn how to integrate steps to not only define your impact, but to achieve it using your business, long-term.

About Sel Leigh

A business strategist supporting bloody good humans to achieve the positive impact they long to make, Sel's impact journey started out in the charitable space but when that led to burnout she knew something had to change.

This has driven her passion to support other purpose-fuelled founders to find a more sustainable, nurturing path where ethical business success and long-lasting impact can sit hand in hand.

Sel draws on her varied background of experience to support the people that she works with.  From understanding government obligations and navigating the complexities of operating under different structures, to recovering from disaster, Sel's special sauce is being able to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to know what path to take next.

Sel also speaks passionately about decolonisation, diversity and inclusion and how we can do business in a socially conscious way without compromising our well-being in the process.

Ready to get started?

Why impact business?

When I started a charity in 2017 I learned hard lessons about the reality of output vs input in voluntary work.  Having a purpose isn't enough without the right support, and more volunteer work is not the answer to this.   

Not getting things right is a recipe for burnout, and I learned this lesson the hard way.  I've taken my hard learned lessons and crafted a unique framework that supports others to succeed, simply.

I've worked with hundreds of not-for-profits and community groups and they all have the same ongoing struggle: resourcing, funding.   Since the global pandemic, these issues have increased alongside the number of organisations needing support.

Our social and environmental models encourage community interaction to meet shortfalls of needs, but funding and volunteer support to fulfill achievement isn't as simple to achieve. 

Business has the power to change this.