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I used to think..

I used to judge my value by how busy I was.

What that really means is, that I used to judge my worthiness by how much I did for other people and not for myself.

Of course, the inevitable happened and I burned out.

And you'd think that would have been my lesson learned. But fast forward a couple of years and the same thing happened again. This time I took the time to learn from it.

  1. Boundaries are not nice or useful things, they are critical tools for life. Do not set them to be tested. Set them to be the absolute limit you will accept and then enforce those.
  2. Work time is for work hours. Living is for everything that happens outside of those hours. Be clear on what days and times you work.
  3. Rest is not a luxury or a sign of weakness. If you don't rest you can't fire on all cylinders. Take time out for yourself - and that doesn't mean going out with the kids in tow.
  4. Friends and family don't come with their own discount or "mates rates" requirement.
  5. Just because you have the skills/capability/time to do something, does not mean you should volunteer to do it (or be expected to). No is not a dirty word and you do not have to justify using it.


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That's my story.
I've removed my potential for future burn out and I'm now helping others to do the same.
If you're constantly juggling your commitments and feeling overwhelmed or worried about breaking things, do you need support to break the cycle before the breakdown?

I'm here when you're ready to ask for help.

- Sel

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