Business coaching

Keeping you motivated and accountable

Let's get strategic

I've been supporting people like you to make sense of business for a long time, and with my experience and expertise, I can help you to achieve the impact you want to make.

We typically work together for a minimum three to six-month programme of strategic coaching and support - weekly or fortnightly sessions via Zoom and supported with tailored resources and email follow-up.

That's because really effective coaching takes time to work, it isn't just one and done.  We pull everything apart to look closely so we can see exactly where we can make improvements. Then we take time to embed the learning for consistent results.  

Together we make sure that your foundations are solid and will hold up any structure you put in place on them.

What do I do?

Hours go into preparing for working with you. Your business and your goals live in my thoughts, and will be present with almost every breath for the duration of our time together - and quite possibly for a while after if I'm completely honest.

You could absolutely Google all of the information you will learn from me.

You may be able to find the same people and services this way.

But I will teach you to bring it all together in a way that supports your unique situation, in a much shorter timeframe, with absolutely more clarity than you will get on your own.

Tailored coaching starts at $5,700 excl GST  - payment plans are available

Sel helped me focus, understand and value my strengths, and gave me tools for both big picture strategic planning and everyday time management and productivity. 

Her warmth and compassion allowed me to show up as myself to our sessions, and be open and vulnerable about where I was personally and professionally, which meant we could make real progress.

To anyone who wants a coach that values the big picture of how your business, social enterprise or charity fits into building a better world, while also honouring you as a person, I cannot recommend Sel highly enough.

Catherine Taftō

Copywriting and co-working